Spring Madness – Blewits in May!?

After a recent enquiry to the website asking the same question I was asking myself, I was spurred on to feature this post and it’s very ‘out-of-season’ theme!

Lepista nuda - out of seasonThe Wood Blewit (Clitocybe nuda / Lepista nuda) was in good supply during it’s normal season in late autumn/winter. Scattered in Woods, gardens and hedgerows, there was always a chance to spy a few and take them home for your tea.

But during April and this early May time, the weather has been very wet and weird, and at times unseasonably cold.

I’m not sure, but this could be one factor in explaining why myself and others have been finding delicious Wood Blewits out of season. My first discovery was in April – 3 weeks ago and just recently this weekend in May.

It’s all very strange and I’m not sure if I should be happy or alarmed! And I don’t especially want to get into that global warming argument either. But mushrooms are often unpredictable and can waver in and out of season now and again – but I have to be honest, these critters are extraordinarily pushing the limits!

I did notice with my recent discoveries that they were both extremely close to rotting wood. They do feed on dead organic matter (saprotroph) but this is usually hidden underground. The picture (shown above) were of two Blewits actually on the edge a decaying stump, but the substrate they were in was a fine mixture of rotten wood and rich soil. The others were found in a similar scenario, hugging a fallen tree trunk, again in a very ‘peaty’ like soil. I can only guess again that this could be a contributing factor. The soil must have been very rich in nutrients ideal for our little Lepista!

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled, you might see some yourself this May. Who knows?

PS. For further information on Wood Blewits in my posts and further identification notes, see my other two posts here: ‘Blue Legs for Winter – The Wood Blewit’ and ‘Snow patrol – Wood Blewit’.

Wood Blewits

Late in the season – Wood Blewits found in April and May.

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  1. john
    john says:

    Yes, I too found just a single wood blewit on 2nd May when I was collecting St George’s mushrooms on a wood edge near Croydon

  2. Varsha
    Varsha says:

    This is shocking! I can’t find them during their actual fruiting season nevermind during their confused fruiting! I must endeaver to find them at all cost to take advantage of the situation! But like you, I don’t know what to make of it really…

  3. S G Damant
    S G Damant says:

    Well its the best year for St Georges mushroom i have ever known and a few Morels, out of interest I also seem to be finding quite a lot of Fairy Ring fungus (Marasmius oreades) did not know that grew in spring. How good is this one for eating?

  4. J C Harris
    J C Harris says:

    The Fairy Ring Champignon is common from late spring through to autumn. They’re an OK taste but not mind blowing! Care has to be taken when picking these as they often get confused with the deadly Clitocybe rivulosa that grow in similar places at the same time.


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