Good TV – Afterlife: The Science of Decay

I’m not much of a TV fan, although I do love my movies. Yesterday I was in for a treat with a great BBC4 documentary, which I think anyone interested in the cycle of life (of which mushrooms and fungi are a great part) will love…

If you have time, pop over to the BBC iPlayer website for another chance to see: ‘After Life: The Strange Science of Decay’, It covers all aspects of decay and its place in nature. Sounds pretty grim but definitely not dull.

Of course, my main interest was fungi and mushrooms, which had some mind blowing facts, and I was extra enlightened to the field of micro biology and the powers of the single-celled slime moulds! And as a bonus I was pleased to hear Mushrooms actually saved Earth. God bless them…

There’s too much to talk about really, so I suggest to anyone interested in nature, life and also mushrooms you go and take a look while you can (unless you don’t like maggots – Mmmmm!). Brilliant stuff.

All the best
John Harris

PS. Click here to view (while you can) BBC4 After Life: The Strange Science of Decay

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