John Harris at Beacon Hill

Welcome to the fungi foraging blog – ‘Mushroom Diary’. My name is John Harris from Blaby, Leicestershire, and since becoming an enthusiastic disciple of the mushroom hunt (both for food or simple curiosity in identification), I decided to log all my excursions, fungi discoveries and general musings right here on this mushroom blog.

BoleteAnyone who stumbles across this blog is free to leave comments and information on all blog posts. Your input is most appreciated.

I have been seriously hunting mushrooms for many years and keeping notes and photos here will help myself and others build their knowledge further in identification and understanding mushrooms. As this blog grows, I hope it will also act as a good reference point for the budding mycologist.

I have many mycology reference books which are marvelous and I join several local forays throughout the year. To add to this, via online communication, I believe this blog will be a great educational/feedback tool for and from fellow mushroom hunters out there, either in a crisis on identification or just sharing great finds and tasty cooking tips.

I hope you enjoy your visit here just as much as your foraging out there – in the wonderful world of mushrooms.

All the best
John Harris

Disclaimer: Please do not treat this site as a definitive mushroom identification source. Please use specialist identification books and/or an experienced professional’s advice and common sense. I know you will! The ‘’ author accepts no liability for any injury or death occurring as a result of ingesting or exposure to any mushroom or fungi described or listed on this website.

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