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Big in Japan – Hen of the Woods

It has been a long long time since I’ve seen this fungus, especially in my neck of the woods in Leicestershire. Then three come along at once! Hen of the Woods (Grifola frondosa) is a lovely sight for any mushroom fan, especially foragers looking for that special something to cook up. They’re widespread but occasional […]

With the Windflowers – Anemone Cup

Spring is proving slow to arrive, but it’s getting better. So when the mood takes you, get out on a woodland walk to find yourself some springtime fungi. But in this case, keep your eyes peeled for some pretty spring flowers – you may find some small surprises there! One of the first flowers to […]

Chatting all things fungi with Garden Life

Those lovely people from the Garden Life blog got in touch with me recently to have a quick e-chat! We had a talk about everything mushroom in a quick interview for the their latest Outdoor Lifestyle section. I explain my passion for all things fungi along with some tips and advice, and of course relevant […]

Loving the Large – Macro Mushroom

We’re at the beginning of summer and have had some decent, warm sunny days and a reliable source of showers – apparently perfect conditions for this summer/autumn Agaric which has shown itself somewhat early. Great news for all foragers who fancy a fry up! This small group of Macro Mushrooms (Agaricus urinascens / A.macrosporus) were […]

Photo Faves of 2015

2015 was a good year for a lot of different fungi. I had taken many pictures, slowly improving my camera skills and having a lot of fun thrown in too! This gallery shows just a modest selection of my favourite images last year. Most of the fungi are pretty common (some more photogenic than others). […]

Fawny coloured Deer Shield

This common wood-rotting mushroom has a variable season. It is prolific in summer and autumn, but if conditions are mild enough, it can appear as early as April or early winter if the weather is favourable. The Deer Shield or Deer Mushroom (Pluteus cervinus) is one of the most common Shield mushrooms; and like nearly […]

Mushroom Diary Website Facelift

Hi all. Just a quick update letting you know that the Mushroom Diary blog has had a minor facelift and will be a lot more user and visually friendly on all other smaller devices, such as your smart phone and tablet etc. I’m guilty of being a little behind on my featured posts lately, mainly […]

Foraging in Foreign Lands

I’m holidaying in Cornwall this year, one of my favourite UK destinations, where I also like to keep my eye out for any summer mushrooms that may be about – when time permits of course. Hopefully in the not too distant future, I would also like to venture abroad and enjoy a summer/autumn break to […]

A Winter Polypore in Spring

Apart from the usual (and culinary preferable) spring mushrooms out there such as the Morels and St.Georges Mushroom, there is still one pretty common woodland mushroom you may come across. The small and beautifully formed Winter Polypore (Polyporus brumalis) is quite a common winter/spring mushroom which is actually one of the smaller polypores to discover […]

Winter white tips of the Candlesnuff Fungus

Those winter walks through the countryside and woodlands as we know, can be very enjoyable and enjoyable. Cold and crisp yet invigorating and refreshing… And at this time of year, several fungi will become more conspicuous. You should especially look out for the lovely and edible Oyster Mushrooms, Velvet Shanks and Wood Blewits. But there […]

The darker side – Dark Honey Fungus

Following on from my previous post covering the Honey Fungus, I felt the need to feature this common and equally destructive Armillaria species. Again, it’s cap is variable and looks very similar to the standard Honey Fungus, but with a few distinctive visible differences. The Dark Honey Fungus (Armillaria ostoyae), like A.mellea, often grows in […]

Boot-laced Bad Guys! The Honey Fungus

Right now at the time of writing, these medium to large mushrooms are out there in force. Large, dense groups swarm around tree stumps or at the bases of living deciduous and coniferous trees. The Honey Fungus (Armillaria mellea) or Boot-lace Fungus (for reasons I’ll explain later) can appear early in the season, from summer […]

Bloomsbury Pocket Guide to Mushrooms

The UK Mushroom season is upon us. Well, just getting started anyway. Although mushrooms and fungi appear all year round, there’s no time like now. September to November are when they’re in most abundance and variety. So there’s no better time than now to give my new Mushrooms Pocket Guide a good plug! Bloomsbury contacted […]

Tiny Trooper – The Collared Parachute

A trip to a relatively close wood nearby produced some interesting finds for me. Many of which were quite small – but always fascinating. And what with the recent hot weather and the odd overnight downpour, my path through the woodland was swarming with hundreds of mosquitos. I took quite a few bites home with […]

With a brown bump! – The Common Bonnet

Happy new year to you all. It’s a typically dull and cold(ish) January and apart from the lovely edible Wood Blewit, Velvet Shank and Oyster Mushrooms around at this time, there are other groups of mushrooms to be seen, although not as palatable. The Common Bonnet (Mycena galericulata) is one of these mushrooms. Very common […]

Big Bonus – The Horse Mushroom

Right now there are quite a few Agaricus (mushroom) species. I have already seen many species in varying urban habitats. I was especially lucky when I stumbled across these beauties literally round the corner from my house on a large grassy verge. The most welcome Horse Mushroom (Agaricus arvensis) is a great tasty mushroom that […]