If you simply want to ask any questions or have a general enquiry, please contact me at: john@mushroomdiary.co.uk

If you’re having trouble identifying any fungus you may have found, you can send me pictures so I may help you in the process. If possible, it’s best I see all parts of the mushroom, and that your pictures and information include (as close as possible):

  1. The Cap or fruiting body: Top side and underside
  2. The Stem (if it has one): All of the stem if possible, including the very base from the soil or wood.
  3. Include details of where it was growing (i.e. in grass, on dead wood, soil, leaf litter etc).

If it grows on a tree (including dead wood), make note of the variety. If it grows on the ground, please mention if there are any trees close by. Knowing which tree species can often help in the ID process. Thank you.

Please note: I cannot guarantee a speedy response as sometimes I am overloaded with enquiries and/or other work. I hope you understand. Sometimes an answer cannot be guaranteed as some fungi require closer inspection or examination of micro features which obviously is impossible from just viewing a photo. Please only include up to 2 different species in your enquiry as I often struggle with time restraints to deal with too many. Thanks.

All the best
John Harris