Shaggy Inkcap Mushrooms


This seasonal mushroom calendar gives you a clean ‘quick view’ as to what’s out there at any time throughout the year.

There are over 14,000 species of wild mushroom in the UK, so to show them all here would be quite ridiculous, not to mention extremely time consuming! I have listed a selection of common edible, inedible and poisonous fungi based on the time they may first appear (or at their most prolific). Those with a brown highlighted link take you to the blog post I have made already on that particular species.

The tabs below cover Summer & Autumn, Winter and Spring. Simply click to select and view the list. The main mushroom season in the UK is autumn (from September to November).

I will add to the list over time and add links to news posts as and when I get the time to feature them. In the meantime, thanks for your patience…
Mushroom Landscape - Mushroom Calendar

SUMMER & AUTUMN (Main UK Mushroom Season)
Bay Bolete (Aug-Nov)
Bearded Fieldcap (Apr – Sep)
Beef Steak Fungus (Jul-Oct)
Blusher (Jun-Oct) – Edible after cooking
Cep (Aug-Nov)
Chanterelle (Jun-Nov)
Charcoal Burner (Aug-Nov)
Clouded Agaric (Sep-Nov)
Common Puffball (Jul-Oct)
Common Yellow Russula (Sep-Nov)
Deceiver (Aug-Nov)
Deer Shiled (April-Nov)
Field Mushroom (Jul-Oct)
Giant Polypore (Sep-Nov)
Giant Puffball (July-Sep)
Glistening Inkcap (March – Nov)
Grisette (Jun-Nov) – Edible after cooking
Hedgehog Fungus (Aug-Nov)
Hen of the Woods (Jul-Oct)
Honey Fungus (Aug-Nov)
Horse Mushroom (Aug-Oct)
Jelly Ear (All year)
Macro Mushroom (Jun-Nov)
Meadow Puffball (Jul-Oct)
Parasol (July-Oct)
Poplar Fieldcap (Summer/All Year)
Prince (Aug-Oct)
Shaggy Inkcap (July-Nov)
Shaggy Parasol (July-Oct)
Saffron Milkcap (Aug-Oct)
Slippery Jack (Sep-Oct)
Trumpet Chanterelle (Sep-Nov)


Birch Milkcap (Sep-Nov)
Brown Roll Rim
Butter Cap (Sep-Nov)
Common Earthball (Sep-Nov)
Death Cap (Aug-Sep) – Deadly
Destroying Angel (Aug-Sep) – Deadly
False Chanterelle (Aug-Nov)
Fly Agaric (Aug-Nov)
Fool’s Funnel (Aug-Nov) – Deadly
Funeral Bell (Aug-Nov) – Deadly
Hare’s Foot Inkcap (Jun-Nov)
Ivory Funnel (Aug-Nov) – Deadly
Magic Mushroom/Liberty Cap (Sep-Nov) – Hallucinogenic
Magpie Inkcap (Aug-Nov)
Panther Cap (Aug-Nov)
Poison Pie (Aug-Nov)
Shaggy Scalycap (Sep-Nov)
Sickener (July-Oct)
Sulphur Tuft (All year)
Sweet Poison Pie (Aug-Nov)
Yellow Stainer (Jun-Oct)
Angel’s Bonnet (Sep-Dec)
Tawny Funnel (Sep-Nov / sometimes Jan & Feb)


WINTER (Dec- Feb)

Branched Oyster (Jun-Dec)
Deer Shield (Often in Winter – Mainly Jun-Nov)
Glistening Inkcap (March – Nov)
Jelly Ear (All year)
Oyster Mushrooms (All year – mainly Sep-Mar)
Velvet Shank (Dec-Mar)
Wood Blewit (Sep-Feb)

Birch Polypore (All year)
Black Bulgar (Sep-Mar)
Egghead Mottlegill (Mar-Dec)
Winter Polypore (Dec-Apr)
Winter Twiglet (Sep-Feb)
Scurfy Twiglet (Oct-Mar)
Sulphur Tuft (All year)
Variable Oysterling (Sep-Dec)
Winter Polypore (Nov-April/May)


SPRING (Mar – May)

Black Morel (Apr-May) – Edible after cooking
Common Morel (Apr-May) – Edible after cooking
Chicken of the Woods (May-Sep)
Deer Shiled (April-Nov)
Dryads Saddle (Mar-Jun)
Fairy Ring Champignon (March-Oct)
Glistening Inkcap (March – Nov)
Jelly Ear (All year)
Pavement Mushroom (April-Nov)
Semifree Morel (Apr-May) – Edible after cooking
Shaggy Inkcap (April-Nov)
Sheathed Woodtuft (April-Nov)
St.Georges Mushroom (April-June)

Common Inkcap (Mar-Nov)
Glistening Inkcap & Fairies Bonnets (Apr-Oct)
False Morel (Apr-May)
Firerug Inkcap (Apr-Aug)
Yellow Fieldcap (April-Nov)