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TRUMPS – Edible Mushrooms Card Game.

This first pack ‘EDIBLE MUSHROOMS’ features a selection of our most common edible UK mushrooms. This first small run of 100 copies is now for sale. I have made these in my free time and currently do not create any income from my site. I’m hoping that this traditional, fun game will help fund the continuation of the Mushroom Dairy website.

Price for UK customers is £12.00 including postage & packaging.

Please note, only UK customers can purchase via the ‘Buy Now’ button below.
If you are outside the UK, please email me at and I’ll calculate delivery rates and get back to you.

Note: The packs are not wrappped in cellophane, mainly because a) Reducing costs, and b) Helping the environment.

Note: UK Customers only – contact me if outside the UK so I can re-calculate postage costs and get back to you regarding payment & delivery. Thank you.

Payment is via Paypal, but you do not need to have an account with them. You can pay with all major credit and debit cards too.

More about the pack

The professionally produced pack features a custom outer pack design, 36 smooth plastic coated double sided cards in the traditional Trump sizing (62 x 100mm) with smooth rounded corners.

Each card states the mushroom name (including scientific name) along with a photo and six value ‘stats’, covering:

  • Culinary value
  • Frequency/Distribution
  • Cap/Body Width (max value)
  • Cap/Body Height (max value)
  • Stem Height (max value)
  • Stem width (max value)

Beneath these values, there is a small summary about that particular species, just for fun facts that may interest you.

How to Play

  1. The object of the game is to collect all of the cards in the deck by having the highest value or numerical values on the card. It can be played by 2-4 people (or more, depending you can divide the cards evenly).
  2. Start the game: Choose a player to shuffle the cards before play. Assign this player as the dealer, so you can figure out the play order.
  3. The dealer deals out the cards evenly between all the players. The cards must be face-down, so no one can see what cards any other player has.
  4. Players gather their piles into a neat deck, then hold up them up, so that only the first ‘face-up card’ is visible. As you collect cards throughout the game, you will need to add them to bottom of the stack (face-up).
  5. The player left of the dealer starts the game by reading out one of the values from their first ‘face-up’ card, chosen from one of the categories (eg. “Frequency/Distribution of 79%”). They will naturally choose what they think is the best (highest) value.
  6. Carry on in a circle as the other player(s) compare the same value on their card. Once everyone has shared the value of that particular category, determine who has the highest value*.
  7. The player with the highest value score collects the other player(s) card(s). They place their losing card face-up in the middle of the playing area. The winner collects these card(s) and places them ‘face-up’ at the bottom of their card pile.
  8. The round starts again – this time with the winner of the previous round choosing the value to compare with the other player(s). As before, go around in a circle and share your values. The winning player will collect all of the cards and add them to the bottom of their deck – then start a new round.
  9. Two players might have stats that are equal, so in this case, everyone stacks their cards face up in the centre of the playing area. At this point, start a new round, with the last winning player sharing their highest stat with the other players. The new winner from this round will add the losing cards to their own hand, as well as the cards from the centre of the play area.
  10. Play multiple rounds until one player has all the cards. He/she will be the winner and have full ‘bragging’ rights ;)

*Note: A value of: n/a (which appears now and again) is counted as zero, therefore a losing stat.

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