Bloomsbury Pocket Guide to Mushrooms

The UK Mushroom season is upon us. Well, just getting started anyway. Although mushrooms and fungi appear all year round, there’s no time like now. September to November are when they’re in most abundance and variety.

So there’s no better time than now to give my new Mushrooms Pocket Guide a good plug! Bloomsbury contacted me last year and said they were aiming to launch a Nature Pocket Guide series. This includes the following five titles: Insects, Garden Birds, Trees & Shrubs, Tracks & Signs and of course Mushrooms. There will be translated versions for the following countries: Scandinavia/Netherlands and France but right now I’m not sure when this is happening.

This accessible and handy guide features:

  • Comprehensive detail on 158 of the most common British & European mushrooms & fungi
  • Introduction covering identification tips & mushroom anatomy
  • More than 200 colour photos
  • Each species account features an introduction, key features, dimensions, spore print, habitat & season

This is my first time published, and I hope all those who get a copy will be happy with their purchase.
So if you fancy it, you can order one (or pre-order) directly from Amazon:


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